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This was perfect!! Ive ordered from other sites like qqtube, and compared to them, FBYTVIEW is sooo much better. The views here are legit, from actual sources and the viewers are actually targeted. The biggest point though is that when you buy views, likes are INCLUDED!!  I am coming back for me guys, so expect me!)

Mark Jance / Facebook

Worked great! I got all the views I ordered and they came faster than expected as well. The only issue I had was that they promised at least an 90% retention time, but I only got 80% during the two days after I ordered it. Not a big issue for me at all, and I am overall very pleased but I just wanted to point that out. Will be ordering more soon!:)

William / Instagram

Great service, views were delivered pretty quick, i was actually surprised. would definitely use again.. Great work.

Aaron / Twitter

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