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How to Easy Upload Photo in Instagram From PC Without Software

instagram upload opsion

How Can I Upload Photos to Instagram from My Computer?

You need to follow these steps below to upload photos to Instagram via the Chrome browser.

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Upload Your Photos To Instagram From Computer Step By Step

First, open Google Chrome and log in to your Instagram account via Chrome.


– Then, press Ctrl + Shift + I shortcut menu.


instagram photo upload by google chrome without software

-You can choose the display option on the mobile device from the pop-up menu.
You can now view them as if they were entered from your mobile device via a computer. You can easily upload photos on this screen. But, we would like to warn you that you can only write texts and can’t use any effects. In the future, Instagram officials are expected to upgrade features with new updates.



Photo Upload from Mobile Browser

instagram photo upload by google chrome


In order to upload your photos from mobile browser, open your phone’s browser. Then log in to Instagram and enter your username and password. You will also have the opportunity to share photos on the screen. Although the feature is limited, it is a very important step. When loading a photo, you can only resize horizontally and vertically. This means that you aren’t allowed to give effects to the photo. It only allows you to upload photos and write comments.

instagram photo upload by chrome reload now

This feature is not preferred much as it is possible to upload photos with the application on mobile devices. But, it still opened the way for taking pictures from the computer.

instagram upload opsion

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