Buy 15,000 YouTube Views


Buy 15,000 YouTube Views.

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Buy Instant YouTube Views.

Buy YouTube Views Website are Promote Your YouTube Video To More Than 15000 Real Views, The Audience Of Them Will Be Watching Your Video From Start To End, So You Will Get High Audience Retention That is very important for ranking High On including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube and other search engines.

What Is A Buy YouTube Video Views?Buy Instant YouTube Views

Views is a video playback that was requested by an actual user. YouTube has been extremely tight-lipped about this because giving away details of even the minutest of mechanisms will cause people to “hack” the system and artificially inflate views.

How Does YouTube Calculate Views?

When a video has a large number of views that last for mere seconds after clicking, the views are not counted as legitimate. So if a video is viewed in its entirety by someone who clicked on it, it is counted as one view. But not all views are fully played. Google Ad Sense works only with videos that are over 30 seconds in length so that the click-through rates get registered. In fact, some videos are lucky enough to have just ten seconds of play considered as a view. We can conclude from this that the amount of video player should be above a threshold percentage of the length of the video. The type and genre of a video could also be a factor.

YouTube also considers views from the same IP in breaks of 6 to 8 hours. So one person viewing the same video repeatedly would only generate 3 to 5 views a day after views cross 300. A viewer being redirected to YouTube upon clicking an embedded video counts as one view. If there is an embedded video with autoplay, it is not counted as a view. I’m quite sure there are many more restrictions and rules that go into categorizing a request as a view that we might not be aware of. Buy YouTube views from us to increase your views in a legitimate way.


Businesses are using the power of YouTube to promote their businesses. The idea of showing what they can do in a short film or a series of videos has enabled many of them to grow over the years. And if you are looking to use the social media platform too, then you need to get some things straight. You see, it is not all about sharing videos and growing. No. Many other factors are supposed to be taken into consideration to make your endeavour successful.

You probably understand by now that YouTube views are one of the main things that affect the success of any YouTuber. It is an indication of the number of people interested in your stuff, and who may end up hitting that “subscribe” button at the end of every video. As such, it is the desire of any user who has a channel on the platform to have as many views on their video as possible.

What are The Benefits of Buying YouTube Views?

One thing that stops everyone from having a million or so views on their videos on YouTube is that you cannot force anyone to watch your videos. And since that is what you need to get the word out about your products and other services, much effort should be put in getting views. Luckily enough, those views can now be bought. The good thing is that you wouldn’t have to wait for months to get a substantial number of views. You start on a high note and buy YouTube views in huge amounts for cheap prices here.

YouTube views are an important aspect of marketing on the social site, the next part of this article focuses on the reasons why you should buy YouTube views for your videos. Most of the reasons apply for those looking for fame using channels on the platform.

The Most Reliable Place to Buy Youtube Video Views.

Have you spent hours upon hours creating a video only to find it’s not getting the traction you expected?  Possibly you are trying to promote client videos for your company and not getting very far. In this case, we recommend you to buy Youtube views and jump-start your projects. We are here to help make that happen.

If your goal is to have tons of YouTube views, you have come to the right place. We strive to increase your views and make your video extremely popular. Our team of experts will work to improve your website and your ranking. We have been doing this for more than 5 years and we know what we are doing. we offer very affordable services and it doesn’t matter how many views you want, we are here to help you get there. The knowledge and ability to get you a few million hits per video!

We offer our customers quality, high-retention views and higher watch time.  If you want to see significant growth in views and real subscribers this is the easiest and most affordable way to make that happen.

Why Should you Buy YouTube Views from Us?

When you get YouTube views, we make sure that your videos are watched until the end or at least they are watched until the minimum required threshold. Our views don’t drop as the users watching your views are real. All the views that you get from buying YouTube views are generated with different IP’s and from different parts of the world. Our team is distributed worldwide, who watch your videos and help promote them for you.

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